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Fortinet Unified Threat Management Appliances

Fortinet Silver Partner

As a Fortinet Silver Partner, the Internet Centre is able to provide you and your organization with sales and support for the complete range of Fortinet products. Whether you are a small office looking to protect a handful of PCs, or you have multiple branches and are looking for a secure VPN solution, the Internet Centre recommends the deployment of Fortigate UTM appliances for real, manageable, and accountable network security. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in hearing more about how you can secure your office network.

About Fortinet

Fortinet® is the pioneer and leading provider of integrated network security solutions that protect your network against today’s constantly changing threats. Fortinet provides solutions for the world’s largest organizations, such as large enterprises and service providers, as well as for small offices with 25 users – and every size in between. Unlike providers of point products, Fortinet offers an innovative platform that incorporates all the essential security applications and services required to enable a safe and clean communications environment regardless of the size. Fortinet delivers:

  • Better security by providing a comprehensive Unified Threat Management solution
  • Higher performance through ASIC-acceleration
  • Lower total cost of ownership (OpEx and CapEx) by integrating best-of-breed security applications in a single device

Fortinet’s real-time network protection solutions include a range of high-end chassis based systems, appliance-based solutions, and management and reporting tools. These capabilities allow our customers to cost-effectively protect their critical assets while delivering unparalleled flexibility in

Fortinet is the only unified threat management security solutions provider that owns all of its technology. Fortinet solutions were built from the ground up by Fortinet to integrate multiple levels of security protection – including firewall, antivirus, intrusion prevention, VPN, spyware prevention,
Web filtering, antispam and traffic shaping – providing customers a way to protect against multi-threats as well as blended threats.

The FortiGate family of integrated security appliances range in performance and physical features to meet network requirements of all sizes and topologies. Additionally, Fortinet delivers a complete line of product extensions that enable network managers to control, monitor, and operate networks simply and powerfully:

  • FortiAnalyzer – Centralized logging and reporting that securely aggregates and analyzes log data from multiple Fortinet products
  • FortiManager – Centralized command and control, confguration management and monitoring solution
  • FortiMail – An enterprise-class family of specialized email security solutions providing antispam and antivirus protection

The FortiASIC™ Advantage

The FortiASIC is the foundation of Fortinet’s unique technology. FortiASICs use an intelligent, proprietary content scanning engine that accelerates the compute-intensive actions. They also contain acceleration algorithms for encryption so that FortiGate security devices can perform antivirus scanning on VPN tunnels ensuring clean and controlled communications. Coupling our
custom ASIC with proprietary network processor acceleration, Fortinet’s chassis systems deliver extreme performance and security at a compelling total cost of ownership.

FortiOS™: Developed for Security

Fortinet’s FortiOS was developed with security and performance as top priorities. FortiOS features full routing (BGP, OSPF, RIP), complete logging and auditing capabilities for forensic analysis, granular Virtual Security Domain (VDOM) support, and a complete command line interface (CLI). No third
party software applications are included that could lead to a vulnerability. It is Common Criteria Certifed EAL 4+ and Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 validated.


The FortiGuard Network is a combination of people and technology which enhance the value of Fortinet solutions.  Over 100 members strong, the Forti-Guard Global Threat Research Team ensure that FortiGuard Security Subscription Services are always up-to-date and providing protection from the latest threats.  Delivering the latest security content is the FortiGuard Distribution
Network, which is comprised of geographically dispersed systems which can optionally push updates to Fortinet devices anywhere in the world within minutes.