DSL Connectivity

It’s no secret that internet access is all but mandatory these days. Whether we’re at home watching video streams like Netflix and YouTube, or handling offsite data backup and important email communication at work, it’s a part of our lives. At The Internet Centre, we offer ADSL and VDSL connections in widespread areas of Alberta and British Columbia, for both residential and business users. Within these categories, we have different plans to fit different needs. Not sure what you need? Contact us! We can help assess your situation and ensure you don’t get a lower level of service (or pay more!) than necessary. Customizations are available as well, like bonding – grouping multiple connections together for more speed.

When it comes to DSL, our focus is on quality of service and quality of support. What could be more important? You want your service to work well, and when it’s doesn’t for whatever reason, you want fast, efficient, intelligent support. You won’t find any free-electronics promotions with a 3 year contract hidden in the small print. DSL services at The Internet Centre come with no strings attached: we want our customers to stay because they prefer our outstanding service and support, not because of a contractual obligation or penalty.