SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates serve two purposes. First, they provide secure, 128-but encryption of the communication between you and the visitor to your web site. This allows for the secure transmission of confidential data, such as credit cards or other personal information. Secondly, they prove to your customer that the site they are accessing does belong to you and that no-one is tampering with the communication.

You may add an SSL certificate to any of our web hosting plans for the purchase price below, plus an additional $10 per month. Alternatively, the Internet Centre can provide an SSL certificate to you to install on your own mail or web server. If you would like a certificate for your own server, you will need to generate a certificate request (CSR) file which must be e-mailed to us as part of your certificate purchase.

Certificates are for one domain name (i.e. and are valid for the length of the term purchased. Wildcard certificates (i.e. are valid for * are also available, though the price varies based on the number of servers it will be installed on. Multi-year discounts are available. Please contact us for more information.


[table color=”gray”]
128-bit SSL Certificate
One year
Two years
Three years
Four years
Five years
[/table] To purchase a certificate, please contact us, or phone toll free at 1-888-450-6787