Transferring Your Web Site – Step-by-Step Guide!

If your web site is hosted elsewhere, and you would like to move it to The Internet Centre, please follow the instructions below to minimize the downtime.

Step One: Download a Copy of All Files!

This first step is the most crucial task in getting your web site transferred to our servers successfully. For you to be able to upload your site to our servers, you must have the most up-to-date copy of all of your files, images, scripts, etc. You can download all your files to your hard drive using a FTP program.

Step Two: Setup a New Web Hosting Plan!

Call The Internet Centre to setup a new web hosting plan. We generally have new accounts setup within hours from the time the order is placed. Once your account has been setup, you will be given an IP address, username, and password to access your new webspace. Please inform us whether you will be requiring Frontpage Server Extensions, PHP, ASP, or CGI script access; this is so we can setup the proper webspace for your website requirements.

Step Three: Upload All of Your Files!

When your account is activated, you may begin to upload all your files to the new webspace using the IP address, username and password.

Step Four: Transfer the Domain Name!

Once your website files have been uploaded, let us know to proceed with the domain transfer. This normally takes around a day or two depending on whether or not the contact information for the domain is up-to-date, who the registrar is, and how fast you respond to the requests we and the registrar asks from you. If the email address is incorrect or not valid anymore under the domain name contact information, there will be an extra delay of several days just to make the corrections. The onus is on the owner of the domain name to update all the contact information for the domain name. This is a legal document and many domain owners simply forget the importance of the information.

Step Five: Confirmation of Domain Transfer!

When the domain name has officially been transferred and fully propagated (known to the rest of the world), we will perform a DNS (Domain Name Server) zonefile update and let you know that the domain transfer has been successful. We will then give you notification to proceed with the cancellation of your hosting services with the old provider.

Step Six: Cancel Service With Old Provider!

You can now safely cancel the old hosting services for your domain. You will also need to make sure that your old provider removes the DNS for the domain name, just to make sure that it does not conflict with the new DNS from us. Once this step is complete, you can now rest easy again.