Sending Mail From External Networks

For those connecting via external networks (like Telus, Shaw or other service providers), they can use specific settings in their email application to ensure sending mail works from most networks.  Normally, these other providers prevent customers from connecting to servers outside of their networks.  By changing the outgoing port from 25 to 2525, and setting the mail client to use the same authentication as the incoming / POP portion of the account for all outgoing mail, you should be able to sneak around any blocks and send mail via our servers.


Incentre servers now support SSL.  In your e-mail settings in your mail program, you should be able to tell it to use SSL for your incoming server (the default port should be 995 instead of 110). For the outgoing server, the setting will vary depending on the program. It may just be a checkbox to enable SSL or TLS, or you may need to specify the encryption type – if so, set it to TLS.

For addresses, you won’t need to change anything else.

For any other domain (ccinet/Worldgate/altech/etc, or customer domains hosted here) there may be one additional step. Because most people are using incoming/outgoing servers that are the same as their domain name (i.e. and the SSL certificate will not match the name. If they just enable SSL, they will get a one time (once each for incoming and outgoing) message saying that the certificate is valid, but does not match the hostname. If they accept the certificate it will encrypt their mail as it transfers without prompting them ever again.