Incentre DSL operates using a static IP network, which is non-standard across most ISPs.  As a result, it’s very important that your settings are correct in order to ensure your internet connection works properly.  Please read onward for help configuring Windows XP and Windows Vista.  These instructions can be used to check if the IP information you have entered is correct.

NOTE:  If you’re using a router to divide the internet connection across multiple computers and/or devices, that router will need to be configured with your static IP information.  The steps below describe how to configure things when you have your ADSL modem wired directly to your computer.


    1. Click the Apple menu and choose System Preferences.
    2. Open Network.
    3. Check that your location is correct, and that you have selected Built-in Ethernet (or another ethernet adapter if necessary).
    4. Choose to configure the IP Manually.
  • Enter all numbers provided to you.  Be sure that the numbers are correctly separated by the decimals.
  • When complete, press Apply at the bottom, then close this window.  It may take a moment for the computer to adjust to the changes.  Once complete, try connecting to a webpage or another application that requires an internet connection.