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  • Date : 24 / 07 / 2015
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Important: Phishing email targeting Incentre customers

A phishing email has emerged that is targeting our customers specifically. The goal of a phishing email is to draw information – names, email addresses, passwords, etc – from users. In this case, someone has created a false webpage that looks similar to our webmail login. If a user attempts to log in, the perpetrator will keep a copy of their email address and password, then almost certainly use that account to send unsolicited email out via our server.

See below for a copy of what this most recent message looks like.

If you have followed the link in one of these emails and attempted to log in with your email address and password, please change your password as soon as possible. You can do this within our website: choose “Tech Support” at the top-right, then “Email Support”, then “Mailadmin – Email control for users”. Alternatively, you can type this URL into your browser:

Please call us if there are any problems changing your password.


From: “Internet Centre”<>
Subject: Your Internet Centre Account is Inactive.
Date: Jul 23, 2015 at 4:28:11 PM MDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Dear member,

Your Internet Centre account has been regarded as inactive and disabled in
compliance with Internet Centre a Terms of Use.
You have 24hours to restore the account, just follow the link below:

Otherwise your account will be completely removed on the expiry of the
mentioned period.

Thank you,
Internet Centre Customer Support.

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