Scam Attack

Warning: Scam Phishing Attack targeting Internet Centre email customers

The following email has been received by many of our customers recently. This is not from the Internet Centre and should be deleted immediately. If you have replied to it, you should change your email password immediately. To do so, go to: and log in with your email address and current password. For more
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No Phishing

How to prevent Phishing Attacks

“Phishing” is the sending of emails which purport to be from someone other than the sender, in an attempt to get you to give up sensitive information such as username/password combinations, banking information, SIN numbers, etc. Some of them are very sophisticated, and they use a number of techniques to try to fool you, including
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Important: Phishing email targeting Incentre customers

A phishing email has emerged that is targeting our customers specifically. The goal of a phishing email is to draw information – names, email addresses, passwords, etc – from users. In this case, someone has created a false webpage that looks similar to our webmail login. If a user attempts to log in, the perpetrator will keep
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Safer Internet Day 2015

Safer Internet Day is fast approaching! The success of this year’s edition depends on your support as we invite all of you to celebrate a better internet together. Help us spread the word by supporting our Safer Internet Day campaign on Thunderclap. On 10 February, we will spread the same message at the same time,
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ALERT uses International Safer Internet Day to talk about child exploitation

In 2012 alone, Alberta officials investigated more than 440 new cases of internet-related child exploitation, and laid more than 300 charges against 72 people province-wide. Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams’ (ALERT) Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) units are using International Safer Internet Day as an opportunity to raise awareness about the issue and to remind people
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